charting software required

hello to all. can any software professional help me for making a charting software for BSE stocks according to my needs.

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a charting software with this output...
its old yahoo finance chart.. it used to be one of the best charting tool but they stopped the service and upgraded their charts, which is of no use...

That is a area chart type, a basic chart style which is available in all online Web based charting including Tradingview.

In above post pic (by Siddhant4u) you can see letter "D' next to that you have icon with 2 Bars (they are called as Candle sticks ) click on that
in the drop down list find "Area" select that and you are done.
And if you want volume you can add volume in a separate pane also.

thankx for the reply. from where can we select the desired date range in trading view?? like if i want chart of tata motors(BSE) from 15/3/19 to 15/6/19 with daily closing price only with volumn..
pls share a screen shot. thank you..

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