Caribbean Trader here, saying Hello!!

Hey traders, springger from the Caribbean here, more precisely Trinidad and Tobago.

I've been trading since March 2009, been on and off demo. Usually on demo, I do great, then switch back to live, run profitable for about 6 months and by then some bad habit sets in and I start to loose consistently. Then its back to demo. Its a never ending cycle thus far.

I've only been trading forex so far, using the standard bucket shop MT4 platform. However, with the rise of questionable practices by a few operators, I've started looking towards US regulated brokers, and the ever popular e signal trading platform. This then has prompted a second glance at commodities, options and futures.

My primary trading method is based of Price Action and Support/Resistance lines. However, as of recently, I've been fascinated with VSA trading, due to the understanding of the entire market dynamics.

I originally discovered this forum, essentially by being e mailed a massive 31 PDF document, originally created by Karthik. In this document, he laid out the principles of VSA brick by brick. It was love at first reading. never before had some one tried to make learning so simple and easy, complete with visual aids. A bit more of explorative curiosity gave a 35 page thread on this forum as a link, and well the rest is history.

I look forward to working with you,

Best Regards,

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