price action

  1. N

    Practicing Equity Swing Trading With Only Price Action Analysis

    After many years started Equity Swing Trading using only price action analysis and found it quite stimulating to the mind and a good way to practice and refresh my skills. In this thread I intend to post the charts of the trades that I take along with reasoning behind taking those trade. Trade...
  2. V

    Need Simple Candle Pattern Exploration AFL

    Hello AFL Experts, Need Amibroker Afl for the Below Candle Pattern Exploration, Please Help Me. I am not an IT Or Coding Professional. 1. Bullish Engulfing (ONLY BODY SHOULD CONSIDER) Previous Candle - Should be Bearish(Red) Candle Next Candle - Should be Green Candle, This Candle Body...
  3. R


    I know Sir, I'm technically analyst with over +1 year of experience in equity's and currencies with swing trading. Now, I want to go even further. Learning about fundamentals and my goal is to best trader of India. I'll not be able to pay your fees if you are looking for that, but other than...
  4. primitivetrader

    Price Action Scalping- trading diary

    hi all, this is my trading diary focused only on price action scalping bnf. i am full time trader. i prefer to trade 75 tick or 2 min or 3 min time frame. my fav is 75 tick chart (which is not tick but as snapshot etc, but i am happy using it). will share whatever little i know about scalping...
  5. N

    Backtesting of price action strategy

    hello all, i am new to traderji. also a novice trader. want to ask is we can backtest strategies based on price action in zerodha pi ? Plz help out. Thanx.
  6. Bharat William

    Trading Nifty Futures for intraday

    This was an interesting answer written by one of our frequent forum users, Srinivas. Quoting his method: “The information that I use to take a Nifty futures intraday trade: Nifty close to previous close, immediate levels Nifty could test, Nifty 3 day trend, 5 day trend, 14 day trend, 30 day...
  7. T

    Price action chart reading

    Dear Senior Traders, I am new to trading,I read little about price action trading.I like to learn more about price action and chart reading.Please help me to read the price action from the attached chart. This is 3 months EOD chart of POWERGRID trading in NSE.Last bar is created on 6/2/2017...
  8. spn1305

    Market depth analysis

    Hey guys, I just came across the market depth window and I was pretty confused. Can anyone help me, I wanted to know how I can decide whether this stock would be a buy or sell. I've also heard people say that it can help plot S/R, how exactly do I this without a chart? I don't plan on trading...
  9. C

    Day Trade with DPs and Ranges

    Hello All ! I day trade mainly in Nifty Future & Options and sometimes in stocks and commodities. I have been in trading for more than 10 years. I started with investing, then swing trading and now day trading. To day trade, I use the trading system called "Decision Point Trading System." It...
  10. I

    Help needed in finding trend using bollinger bands!

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding bollinger bands. i know what bollinger bands are and what is the significance of the upper and lower bands. i also know that price sometimes go outside the bands(5% according to the book). i need to learn how to predict when the price is going outside the...
  11. Blackhole

    My Notes

    My Notes from different thread/sites or sources related to technical analysis or fundamental analysis / trading investments. My improved trading by
  12. pannet1

    My Bank Nifty Options trading diary

    Hi, I started to trade Options this month with Kotak Securities. Capital: Rs 30,000 System: Vertical Spread based on Break out of underlying on Weekly Timeframe. Instrument: Bank Nifty and any other that fits within the Capital Previous experience: Currency and Commodity Note: Reason...
  13. M

    Price Action Doubt

    In general as per price action trading strategy, we know that we can enter in opposite direction with trapped traders. But in today's Nifty Future, I didn't observed this kind of strong move opposite to trapped traders. Please refer the attached screen shot and help me to understand this...
  14. M

    YTC Doubt

    Hi Friends, I have started learning YTC Price Action recently. In that I am not clear of how to identify High Timeframe Support/Resistance. Could anybody please help me on this? In that book it was mentioned below notes to draw Support and Resistance...
  15. B

    Bliss Charts

    I will be posting mostly Nifty Intraday Charts and sometimes stock charts based on Price Action, I may also post Option trades and opportunities from time to time, they may or may not be real trades taken in real time I will be using simple Price Action techniques, especially inspired by...
  16. S

    Caribbean Trader here, saying Hello!!

    Hey traders, springger from the Caribbean here, more precisely Trinidad and Tobago. I've been trading since March 2009, been on and off demo. Usually on demo, I do great, then switch back to live, run profitable for about 6 months and by then some bad habit sets in and I start to loose...
  17. S

    Need Help from Seniors for a serious student on DAY TRADING

    Hi, It's one and half year I came to stock market as day trader. At the beginning I knew nothing, my broker's(IIFL) RM used give me tips and I traded, profited few times and LOST several times. Then I understood that I need some knowledge about this thing, It sounds simple but it's difficult...
  18. T

    Just my 2 Candles worth!

    Essentially looking at a system for positional trades in NF and trend following at EOD. Whenever I looked at trends on NF, I noticed that in an uptrend you rarely get two consecutive bearish candles which are broken the next day, and in a down trend you rarely get two bullish candles which are...