Can you see the future? Hands on Techno Charts !


Listen and act, don't ask it, it doesn't oblige
Varun Bro ,
LOL , chart daala apne along with it you revealed the instrument name date and time. All we need to open the history chart now and reveal the move


Listen and act, don't ask it, it doesn't oblige
Hmm this approach will not work. Let mw think about some other way to post historical charts


Listen and act, don't ask it, it doesn't oblige
How does it matter whether the name of the instrument is showing or not. We are predicting future price levels which would not be on the charts anyways.
Arre Mota Bhai tum Samjho nahi. The plan I had , I had given a candle position till 10th July 5 Pm, and wanted the reader to predict the move - which already happened, but he has no clue as he does not which instrument it was.
On a lighter note you are conducting a cricket tournament where you can only score runs by playing the cover drive (Your chosen indicators). But what if i do not know how to play the cover drive but can execute the cut and the pull quite well. Then i am disqualified from the tournament as the rules say only cover drive allowed.
Just saw the chart (, Is it 60 min chart. I need 1/5/15 min also. 1/5 mins one day chart, 15 min previous 5 days and 60 min previous 15 days will be enough,
Bhai, post something on x and y axis, may be wrong/changed but should be uniformly changed/wrong throughout. And plz do mention whether the chart is a continuation chart (during market time) or an end of the day chart (after market time)


Listen and act, don't ask it, it doesn't oblige
Sorry Tuna ji spoilt all the fun. Pretty dumb of me.
No worries. I guess posting Historic chart is pain as people will not able to use their system and have to rely on the indicators I am putting on the image. And I also can not reveal the name of the instrument for said reason.

So Lets change it.

I will put realtime chart every weekend. Let the readers decide on the move (As you just did on Alumini) and next week we shall see who got it right.

As usual, none of the posting from any readers will be an investing idea for others , but it will be fun.

Now can we agree on the trading TF? 1 Hour

Type : Overnight carryover allowed (so, not intra, but you can close on same day).

The instruments will be

  • Nifty Future
  • Bank Nifty Future
  • Crude Oil
  • Silver
  • Alumini

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