BULL and BEAR flag and pennat breakout afl for explorer for amibroker


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i am attaching a pic for reference....
Flags and pennants screening
When looking for good formula for such a screener. have found this description that is usable universally for any good stock .

The following is NOT AFL , it;s a Plain Text Notation of Your Requirement [idea stole from some website (forgot name) sometime back].
If it fairly/closely reperesent your requirement , then someone (hope @Romeo1998 is seeing this) can/will definitely make AFL for you, out of this notation.

// rising market:
[sma(200, close) > 20 days ago sma(200,close)] and
[sma(50, close) > 10 days ago sma(50, close)] and
[sma(50, close) > sma(200, close)] and
// falling prices recently:
[sma(13, close) < 5 days ago sma(13, close)] and
// but not too much:
[min(5, close) > max(5, sma(50, close))] and
// and price hasn't taken off yet
[close < sma(10, close)] and
// big volume not too long ago
[5 days ago max(10, sma(5, volume)) > 5 days ago max(10, sma(50, volume)) ] and
// but small volume now
[max(5, sma(5, volume)) < max(5, sma(50, volume)) ]


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