BNF HIGH LOW trading stratagy

ethan hunt

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Nothing strange in the strategy . . .

It is based on concept of price reversion to the mean . . . calculated based on 2 days cycle of High//Low (+/- some fixed delta)

Again nothing strange if the trade fails on trend continuation days (when/if trend continues for 3+ days). That's the way its meant to happen, works when price reverts back towards the EMAs, Stops will hit when price keeps trending. Now theory says 70+ % of the times price will reverse to mean and keep trending less than 30% of the times, that's where the edge comes from.

Overall the OP has presented a very good concept, if needed everyone can personalize/change it further to suite their temperament/needs.

Happy :)
Strange = SL is different for different traders based on entry price (if I've understood correctly).
Todays ranges for BNF :

Sell if OPEN between : 18797 to 18992

Buy if OPEN between : 18404 to 18564

BNF opened at 18647.40 Its a NO TRADE ZONE ! Please confirm SSP?!!
Yes, I too have similar ranges and yes, it is a no trade day.

Even otherwise, its contract expiry so I was less willing to dabble.

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