Bitcoin is too risky. Analytics could not able to help you. I don't discourage the Bitcoin, as I support the new generation of blockchain, but if you're not affordable to lose your capital, then it's not a good parking for your investment. Above all, it's for speculators only.
I believe tou have missed the train. You should have invested in it back then. But don't worry, you can invest in other Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the real thing. It is not a bubble which will burst. You should not listen to the people and see the market for yourself. I hope you will make the right decisions.
Bitcoin is making a bench mark and it will not go beyond down from that threshold value. Now you can easily trade it around the $6000 mark. It has been oresentin this range from a long time. I am sure we will see a rise sooner rather than later. Am I right?
I believe that Bitcoin and any sort of Cryptocurrency is real. It is not a tulip. I know that there are a lot of people that will disagree with me and i don't blame them. The only thing i can say that Cryptocurrency have really rattled the banks to their core which is a nice thing to see.
You missed the biggest train of your life. I wish that i would have known about Bitcoin when it was at that price. You must be regretting that decision now. I hope that you will not be dishearted by that decision. There are other many great altcoins in which you can invest in.
I am really sorry I was not able to buy it at some point where it would have cost something like few dozens of dollars and that's really it. How much do you plan to do with that ? I would go for Litecoin if I was you honestly and that's really it.
I was not able to buy at that time when Bitcoin has come down and now it has done new high rate. Hope for those who are having Bitcoin gain bucks and happy for the purchase.
Do you see how hard it has fallen here ? It was like $12000 or so anyway, now it's more like $9500, correct ? Do you still want to invest ? What if it will be something like for example $5000 tommorow ? I know people who bought it when it was $7000.
Have you seen already that some people already loosing money to those who lost that all anyway? I do not clearly understand anything it goes there anyway. If you have something like 7500 dollars of the US bettter go for some tech stocks.

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