Binary Options Trading or Gambling

Seek advice on so called binary Options or CFD (Contract for Difference), Any one tried or experienced with any of brokers like,iqoption etc their are 100 of them located mostly in cyprus. Based on my limited knowledge this looks to be speculations on financial instruments including stock indices like some of them allow NSE or BSE options put / call as well. No doubt this is clear gambling but then if i want to do this gambling which one should i choose. Also i was trying to find where algo trading or automatic trading based on patters is allowed my discussions with some of brokers seems the regulator has banned this sort of trading in most of markets.

Please share your feedback if you have experience dealing with this type of trading or gambling. some are fraud but some are genuine brokers out their account opening is so easy just transfer using credit card and some id proof. what it looks putting money in account is easy but may be when you withdraw then might be some hassle.

I have some money for such gambling and need your advice which broker should i choose and if any one has already doing such trades

I will say it depends on you that how you trade with Binary Options. For me, I have learned that it is the same as Forex with a little change of execution. All you need is practice for this work.

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