Cant find Bharti Airtel NSE code.


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Here we go

BHARTIART.NS for Bharti Airtel
GUJSIDHCE.NS for Gujarat Sidhie Cement

Both ticker codes are for Yahoo finance only


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Hi Thanks but the code you have provided for Airtel is actually for Bharat Rasayan Ltd.

Yahoo finance is playing games with all of us. The price displayed under the ticker BHARTIART.NS is that of Bharti Airtel, but its name is wrongly shown as Bharath Rasayan.

Bharath Rasayan is Rs.100 stock whereas Bharti Airtel is Rs. 310 stock.

Yahoo is messing up with company names and ticker symbols. Please note that

I hope this helps
R. S. Iyer


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is the ticker symbol of Bharath Rasayan. If you type that you will get the quotes of Bharath Rasayan

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