Bharti Airtel stock split - shares not credited in demat account

I have purchased Bharti Airtel shares on 26-May-09 through Reliance Money. Thereafter there has been stock split for Bharti Airtel but the additional shares but I have not received the credit of additional shares in my demat account.

Has anyone of you received the credit of the additional shares in your demant account? If you know please share as to when the additional shares would be credit in the demat account.

As the share prices have shot up I need to sell my units but as I have not received the credit of the additional shares I am unable to sell my units.

Any relevant information would be of great help to me.
where did u check ? in portfolio or in easy trade --> equities --> demat account ?

because even i had got shares for VITLinfo and i checked portfolio which doesn't updates till weeks and was worried , but when checked demat account it was there.
Thanks a ton.

You are right. I was checking in the Portfolio and as it was not reflected in the portfolio I was getting worried about it. But now on your suggestion when I checked my demat balance the shares have got credited. I could not imagine that the Portfolio would be inconsistent with the demat account balance. This is a big flaw in the trading tool.

Once again thanks a lot for your valued suggestion.
that must be a sigh of relief for u now. :D

yes, i don't why it doesn't update for for a week now.

does they manually update, if yes will take a lot of time :confused:

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