Beware of new feature in 5 paisa


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The senior manager of 5 paisa came today proudly proclaining that they had started giving BSE alongwith NSE quotes in their new software. Then he mentioned that to make this feasable they had to do away with all indicators except for volume. This is like being peeny wise pound foolish or taking away from the left hand what you given in the right. Somebody rightly described the stock mkt as "Jitna aata hai, Utna Jaata hai. " This is like that. (5 paisa hai aisa)

He said that giving historical data alongwith transaction facility was impossible. I think quotetracker shld get fully operational in Inida. Anyone successfuly getting free historical intra-day(last 10days enough), please let me know.

He also insisted that I use Dishnet instead of cable which I thought was a little strange. This apart, 5 paisa is a good software by Indian standards. A lot of people in this forum have recommended and I am not contradicting that.
( 5 Paisa hai kaisa)

However basic necessities should be provided. It would not be out of place to mention here that the word "five paisa" itself denotes absolute basics, is it not?
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I completely agree, having recently stated using their new trading terminal TT5. The lack of hsitorical data has been little difficult to cope with.

However, being abel to trade BSE stocks from home is good for me.

Are they giving intraday charts along with technical tools? what about the speed and execution time?

please respond.

How do u guys manage to deal in shares with I got a demonstration yesterday and found it very cumbersome to navigate. One doesnt know where certain informations required are. I am having icicidirect because of certain drawback i though i will as well have another online trading. Now have to check with who is only having nse


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Sharkhan has been giving problems lately in the finishing stages. 5 paisa was recommended by many members in this forum who also criticized ICICI. Its upto you to decide.
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Getting to trade on-line is really awsome. Either there is a basic fault in people like me who are not as educated as the on-line sites expect them to be or there is a basic fault in people like me who are impatient and expect a lot from internet trading. Either which way you look at it, it is only the investors at fault.

Can we complain about the inefficiencies of the on-line Brokers to BSE or even SEBI.

I had horrible experience with Sharekhan and as such shifted to 5paisa. Their service is not at all satisfactory. It is like making a choice between the devil and the deep sea.

I think on-line trading involves between choosing the bad, the ugly and the ugliest. Be lucky enough to get the bad guy.

one thing that i can absolutely say about 5paisa, is that the execution speed is awesome.. after using icici where someitmes that site will just get stuck for mintues at end, 5paisa is great for me... and the brokerage that i am paying is around half...

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