Best Option Strategy for multiple markets

Which strategy or combination of this works in all markets

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Well we all traded Options and earning with simple Buy-sell of Options gives pleasure but soon happiness is taken away by loses. hmmm..

Read ,paper traded and traded many option strategies. My opinion playing with strategies can give consistent linear results with some exceptions.

Do not know how to handle critical situations. Some strategies work well with volatility, for some its deathzone if holding a sold position.

Please vote for strategy u are comfortable trading with consistent profit. :)

please go thru threads of Aw10,linkon,Dan to name a few.. will update few more threads.

Spreads by aW10

Straddle by lInK0n7

Option Trading By dAnPiCkUp

Mission of this thread is to increase profit and lessen losses or do some repair works to come out in break even.
Mission of this thread is to identify trades/spread that can work in sudden changes in market. Like in trending(bullish /bearish) markets also have some volatile , reverse move or short range bound tight trends(smaller). If come across such situations how to handle them.

Please share such experiences. Please share different ways to get into such spreads. Like if its bullish trend and we have bull spread on and based on some conditions of market we placed bear spread or calender spread.

Need help of all the traders to work on such situation to (at least) stay in green.

well this situations can at least help us stay in green instead of making brokers,system,big houses rich.

make this holy grail and edge to stay in the market for longer duration.

Please share your experience, please vote.

Happy trading, trade together ,stay together beat the big houses and improve the winning percentage of retail traders, Do the I-m-POSSIBLE.
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Paper trades of multiple strategies together

took 8300 straddle trade @ last week of may and covered on 5 june (breakeven)

Took fresh trades on 5th june for both june and july expiry)...# 3 strategies together Just to check what happens next.

straddle sold call/pe 8000 @ 269
Sold gut 7700 ce / 8400 pe @770
sold strangle 8600ce /7600pe @25.5

In above image u can see, margin requirement (i think its 2 lot) sorry don't remember now, premium received, current profit and then if cover now premium needed to cover.
Not yet hedged with other options or futures.

photo uploading
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Nice thread BH :thumb:

Hope we will track this live till exp. Also can you include the margins blocked for each trade? That would make things even more clear for calculating returns etc...



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Nice thread BH :thumb:

Hope we will track this live till exp. Also can you include the margins blocked for each trade? That would make things even more clear for calculating returns etc...

thanks Gk! please vote!

well i used to track on papers, it was chaos hence decided for this thread, will try to post amibroker charts as well.

i know the sheet is in crude form but ist coloum is margin required to take each trade(spread) separated by month. At bottom its gross margin blocked when took trade. margins can vary from discount brokers to full brokers and negotiation with them. Sometime more brokerage can be considered again margin requirement.

margin for current month is less than far month for same strike price, as soon as we near expiry or gets into new series(far month becomes current month and margin required is less based on market conditions).

happy trading:)


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IMHO, condors and spreads are enough. condors for rangebound and spreads if you are a trend guy. To be honest, what we expect matters. One can do condors every month and nothing else. If one is happy with 20-30% per year, then option strategies are more than enough. few trades a month. But most of the traders are with less capital and want to make it 10/20 times (including me :lol:). Then these strategies ends up testing us a lot. For a guy in job, these strategies are gifts :thumb: For FTTs futures may look better in terms of rewards.


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I have started with short guts. If I see movement in one side, I can hedge with long call or put (same strike as the short positions). At an opportune moment, I can convert this into a long box. Just started. Should see how well i can earn


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Todays EOD of strategies.....This are paper trades else i would have covered all the strategies of june month yesterday. Keeping it just to check on expiry day.

img host

amibroker chart of short straddle and short gut

screen shot pc

happy trading
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