iron condor

  1. J

    Low Risk Nifty Options Strategy (Risk < Rs.1500)

    Dear All, I have developed a continuous monitoring program to check the option premium to come out with low risk option strategies (Neutral ones). Please check this out and let me know your thoughts Buy 8550.0 CE 75.3 Sell 8450.0 CE 130.85 Sell 8450.0 PE 64.8 Buy 8350.0 PE 38.95...
  2. Blackhole

    Best Option Strategy for multiple markets

    Well we all traded Options and earning with simple Buy-sell of Options gives pleasure but soon happiness is taken away by loses. hmmm.. Read ,paper traded and traded many option strategies. My opinion playing with strategies can give consistent linear results with some exceptions. Do not know...
  3. O

    Learn about the Iron condor strategy

    I'm hosting a Free webinar on the Iron condor strategy. The Iron condor is one of the most popular strategies for several reasons. Find out the Good, Bad and Ugly of Iron condors in this free webinar. Please register for OptionTiger Markets and Trading webinar on Jun 28, 2013 10:30 AM EDT at...