1. P

    Please comment, how is this strategy?

    Long straddle of Banknifty and short straddle of Nifty. How is this strategy?
  2. A

    Straddle Daily Time Decay Calculation / Profit Range - How ?

    Hello , Would like to be able to calculate the Breakeven points of a Short straddle. End-of-Day. Say Bank-Nifty is at Spot 23100 , 930AM. And 23100-06-Jul-CE : 150 sell And 23100-06-Jul-PE : 150 sell Usually for straddles , we calculate the break-even-point as Strike +/-...
  3. K

    Straddle: What are the Loss in exiting the trade intraday?

    Hi, I could see that as delta diminishes, the break even points widen( and losses deepen :D ) on reaching expiry. So what if straddle is done intraday on the most volatile stocks of the day? I know this strategy if used at right times could be profitable. But I want to use it like...
  4. Blackhole

    Best Option Strategy for multiple markets

    Well we all traded Options and earning with simple Buy-sell of Options gives pleasure but soon happiness is taken away by loses. hmmm.. Read ,paper traded and traded many option strategies. My opinion playing with strategies can give consistent linear results with some exceptions. Do not know...
  5. E

    Newbie !!

    Hi everyone ! I opened my account a month ago and since then i m trading actively Started trading with intraday and futures but after negative experience i switched to banknifty options trading. Till, date i m busy making up the losses with option Straddle/strangles and yeh i should say...