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Many are praising SAS. But no one is comparing how Zerodha is badder than SAS or how SAS is better than Zerodha !:confusedd:
I do like Zerodha's desktop KITE chart ( volume bar chart+ voulme profile+ CPR +Pivots+ VWAP+AVWAP )
But I open Zerodha kite in the morning 8am & all buy &sells are placed as AMO limit orders & KITE closed at 9.16am. Same way I place amo orders in Finvasia android app& closed.
After that I watch only Trading view charts & react to my buys or sells (or adjustment if it comes near to my limit buy/sell).
Zerodha order traded notification can be seen in android app left corner.
Damn Finvasia does traded notification in android app

So I have to write down what orders I placed in Finvasia with limit prices & have to open Finvasia android to react to it if I see the price being traded through in Trading view
Watching only prices is not for me. It has to be in chart form.
I prefer Trading view charts with my favourite set ups.(android app or web)
I dont use any brokers desktop software continously during trading hours . open only to place orders if android app fails .
so 99% of the time trade thro their android app only
Note : i dont trade options/options spread . I dont pledge . I dont need margin from broker. any given time I use only 25-40% of my funds any given day. Simple vanilla buy/sell stocks & ETF's (intraday or CNC )
sas has alpha trader which is same as zerodha pi and in web version they have tradelab's( developer of alpha trade and pi) web version.
Their website also says Nest trader. Is it still available.


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but if any one want to open account for nse cash intrday then it may be costly in sasonline. u have to pay upfront rs 600/. ok u will get .01 or rs 9 which is lower brokarage rate but upfront payment is very high also customer care seems not so good. they seems to be rough. better try finvasia
I checked out their brokerage calculator. They seem to have very low transaction charges.
1) just checked SAS brokerage calculator. For intraday equities @₹9 max plan (or 0.01%) is indeed cheaper than Zerodha for intraday equities
2) But for equity delivery trade Zerodha is zero brokerage .SAS is ₹9+ gst(for one way)
3) Rather use Finvasia intraday is "free" . If forced to convert MIS to CNC due to under water but want to keep stock , still free delivery trade . Nowadays Finvasia does work ok for BTST (T1 CNC sell next day -with CDSL TPIN+otp).
Finvasia no a/c opening /AMC charges.
I think I paid ₹300 or so while a/c opening in Zerodha + quarterly around ₹75 amc charges I think ( SAS's ₹600 looks higher)
4) I do like Finvasia Desktop exe as it gives sound when order is traded . But opening Finvasia EXE, Trading view in 1 browser & zerodha kite in another browser .....crashes after some time. so no finvasia exe. only finvasia android app. all trading decisions are made in trading view charts & executed in the respective android app (or alter existing AMO orders placed at 8am )
5) Zerodha has 3 million customers I think . Even if 1 million customers keep ₹1 lakh cash with zerodha .. conservatively ₹1 billion of customer cash.
Healthy cushion to keep my/your ₹1or 2 million with zerodha & sleep sound at night. (only market risk no broker risk)

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