Basic Query for Opening Account

Hi everyone,

I know this might be very basic question and might have been asked thousands of time here. But then just to be specific I am posting it again. :eek:

I am complete newbie in field of trading. Though I have some IPOs with me but then I bought them just for the sake of it. Now I have a DEMAT account with one of the company in which I have my IPOs. That company's does provide me with trading facility but then right now that account is "offline".

I am planning to start a new account from where I can trade. Now I want to know which will be best suited company for me? Can I use the existing DEMAT account and a different trading company? Or opening up both with same will be beneficial? Can I use my existing SBI, ICICI or say HDFC bank account for cash transactions?

All in all, I want to know the best company from where I can buy/sell Stocks/IPO/Mutual Funds etc. (In terms of ease of use, transaction charges and everything you can think of)

Waiting for reply from experts and everyone else,
HDFC Securities is good.

User Friendly website...Order placing is available / quick on internet, telephone, branches and you can trade in Equity. derivatives, Mutual funds even you can apply in IPO, Non convertible debentures, Bonds, Fixed deposits.

They have recently started mobile trading.

for more information you may contact there customer care desk @ 39019400.

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