Margin Trading : Basic Query

I tried first time for margin trading in my ICICI dmat online a/c but when i go to Buy and select dropdown......There is no option for margin. It have 'Cash' option only.
M i going right way or missing some step? Please suggest me .
hi vishnoi,,

i think u might have tried during start of the trading session. during first few minutes margin trading is not allowed hence u might have not got the option. refresh the page after some time n i hope u can see the option


There's also a possibility that the stock you are trading is not available for margin trading on ICICI Direct. Check "Stock list" to see if that stock is available for margin trading.

What is limit order?
If i buy a share in rs 1000 and put a sell order with limit price of 950 and stop loss of 970, How will my order get executed? If price go up to 1100 then will it executed automatically or only if price go down then it will execute?
Can we set upper limit too when selling shares eg in this case 1100?
help me out

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