Astha Trading Genuine Review

Astha trader Honest review-

1. Account Opening - Open account is hassle free - They open account within one day
2. Support - customer support is good from phone. You can call upto 11pm for clearing any doubts from support.
Email support is bad, No response received on geneeal query. They also provide support on whatsapp
3. Fee - Account opening fee is 500 for FnO and 500 for MCX valid for lifetime
4. Platform - They provide ODIN, so good and easy to execute but you cant do analysis on their platform.
You must be doing analysis on charts on any other broker or free platform.
5. Contract notes - very poor format and they do not include turnover fee in contract notes, it can be
problematic for anyone who wants deduction when filing tax, while other broker include turnover fee within
contract note
6. Backoffice - Very poor
7. Mobile app - OKish
8. System and Bugs - No issue on system was noticed so all good.
9. Margin - Excellent, They allow nifty banknifty crude at 2500/lot only
and nifty banknifty options selling also at 2500/lot but this is not free
you end up paying high brokerage and hidden turnover fees
10. Fund transfer - Each time you pay 10.52p when you add funds. Withdrawal is processed after 6pm
on working days. No issues with withdrawal
11. Company - Company claims to be established long time ago so good.
12. Detailed review -
How much you make

If you make 80 points in Banknifty
then they will send you a contract note with less amount than what you earnt because
they do not include hidden turnover charges in contract note so you can be confused.
Example you made 3000 rs profit as shown in ODIN
then they will show you 2750 rs approx profit total in contract note

Charge 1 (Hidden) - 250 rs approx hidden charges (turnover fees) will not reflect in contract note

Charge 2 - 300 rs approx brokeage in 2 lots banknifty if you make 80 points 3000 rs profit approx (0.01% they claim)

Charge 3 - Security transaction tax - approx 120 rs

Charge 4 - IGST 18%

Charge 5 - Exchange transaction tax

Charge 6 - SEBI Turnover Fees

Charge 7 - Stamp Duty

So lets say you made profit of 3000 then in hand you will get 2490 only (17% will go into brokerage and taxes)
If you make loss of 3000 then you will end up paying 3510 rs approx including all taxes

Final Recommendation -
Is it recommended for your regular trades ?

Is it recommended for scalping?

Is it recommended for Delivery trades?

Is it recommended for gambling?

Is it recommended for options selling?

Is it recommended for highly talented traders who think their analysis is 100% sureshot but they lack of funds and require high leverage?

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