ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES Loses its "Numero Uno" Position to Astha Trade

Hi Guys,
This is just an information for those who are not aware that, Now even
"ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES" has joined the list of discount brokers charging both
" SPAN + EXPOSURE Margin " for Futures Position and Options Writing.

The One and Only Broker who is still offering the "Span Margin" alone for carry forward of Futures position and Options Writing is "Astha Trade" .

I accept the fact that the brokerage is Rs 10/lot in Astha Trade, Transaction Charges is 510 Rs/Crore inclusive of Service Tax for Futures, 9000 Rs/Crore
inclusive of Service Tax for options,but with the amount saved on payment of
lesser margin,one can make pretty decent return which is sufficient enough
to cover the extra cost and take home some extra profit.

I hope traders who are concerned on return on investment (ROI) will agree with me.

The reason why am saying this here is because, I jumped from Astha to Achiievers for their 750 MVP along with Span Margin alone for F&O Carry over.
But before making my first trade, came to know that their policies have changed :(, I was pretty much disappointed.

So its just an awareness message, those who wish to switch over to Achiievers for savings in both " Brokerage and Margin", please understand you have to pay both "SPAN+Exposure Margin".

"Lower the margins, higher the returns". So traders, you decide for yourself. :thumb:
@ tradedatrend

If you feel you endup in "LOSS" just because of saving payment
of high margins, then definitely you will definitely endup in "LOSS",
even when you pay high margins.

If you read my previous message clearly, you would understand that
I have never asked to over trade nor take huge exposure, more over
I refer to carry forward margin - Mostly Kind of short term Investment
with return on investment within 1 month time frame in mind.

I request you to modify your statement.

"Lower Margins will definitely lead to better returns" and huge positions
always need a hedge.

People who are new entry would have definitely burnt their finger without
Proper Knowledge and the risk involved in taking huge positions.


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Astha dropped their unlimited plan for nse segments.

Achiievers charges 750 rs per month which is damn cheap.

Astha's other charges were too high.

Astha charges odin charges 300 rs per segment.

Astha is no way nearer to Achiievers.
@ ram2010

You are not able understand what I have pointed out. Of course I accept the
charges are high in Astha Compared to Achiievers.

But With the margin money saved, I can invest them too and and earn pretty decent profit which can easily cover those extra charges and take home extra

Ex:For 1 lot of Infy in Astha - 40,000 Margin for Carry Over
1 lot of Infy in Achiievers - 60,000 Margin for Carry Over

With the margin required for 2 lots in Achiievers, I can trade in 3 lots in Astha.
The Volume for 2 lots would be approx 20 Lakhs and 3 Lots would be 30 Lakhs.

If you are professional enough to make a profitable trade, definitely you will generate greater returns in Astha when compared with Achiievers with the
same principle of 1.2 Lakhs despite the charges being high in Astha.

I just tried to make you understand as I'am a victim of Achiievers. No hard feelings.

Cheers and Happy Trading. :thumb:

"Why do people are so interested in low brokerage?

Simply a foolish thing. "

The answer for this question is the same for the question
you asked

I wish to clarify that am not here to fight or argue.

But I wish to state that any person who enters Stock market is
for better returns to beat inflation and earn some money.

So for Return on Investment, lesser margin is the best.
I have never asked to over trade, nor take huge exposure.

Am not emphasizing on Exposure here. It is just based on pure ROI.
Or you can use the margin saved to invest in risk free return like banks
and you can still cover those extra charges. :)

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