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Hi Guys, is there any one know about API trading in India? Thanks
Zerodha provides such facility . People are using it. With help of Cloud it helps a lot.
I personally do not use it.
API is different for retail vs institutional... If you are looking for Dot net or Java etc API to build your front end for order execution, i would suggest Finvasia.
Term API indeed is used in a wide term. One of the API mentioned in this thread (provided by zerodha) is provides a connectivity of user's customized application to trading terminal. There are other API's available for different purposes such as connectivity of customized software / application to data servers to have the price updates. Sometimes auto order execution also comes under the term API.

Can you please explain which term are you referring by saying API trading?? :)

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Hi Guys, is there any one know about API trading in India? Thanks
Hey @phreaking, Yes I do know how it works and we have launched our Trading APIs recently. We did this after learning that traders have their own unique requirements and the only way to offer them the flexibility of customizing their trading experience. To get access, visit this page - FYERS Trading APIs.

Please note that although the API is offered for free we are only giving access to active traders, startups and platforms/websites that are looking to enhance the trading experience.

Hope this clarifies.

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