Anybody in the forum knew about sokhi trading. Tips


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Any body took in this forum subscribe for SOKHI trading tips . If yes if there tips is genuine and profit are real then plz share ur experience with us. Thank u to all....
There are plenty of u tube them but don't waste your money on any tips giving service.



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There are plenty of u tube them but don't waste your money on any tips giving service.

Yea, thats true :thumb:
I have experienced his services personally. In fact , I have availed services of 2-3 other tips provider also and finally I reached to a conclusion that no one is perfect in stock market... including sokhi, Durai ( etc.
Giving one real example to u for better understanding...
Sokhi advised to buy syndicate bank future one lot at about 130 ( don't remember exact figures, it was years back because syndicate bank was 100 plus years back only) , on fall of future value to around 110 he again advised to buy one more lot of next few days, when syndicate bank rose to few points, he advised to short one OTM call ( don't remember the number of lots)....
Again, at month expiry, he advised to roll over the position...
And then syndicate bank finally broke down below 100 and since then it has never crossed 100 again...
So u can imagine the loss in this tip.
Again to mention that I don't remember the exact figures but had faced this loss personally.
There are so many examples I can quote from my own I advice don't Go for any tip provider.


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So what they are showing in youtube and sending contract note through email...its all genuine or fake and somebody here in forum who active member of SOKHI currently subscribe
let us know why you are so keen to prove them right :D

BTW, in this era of computerisation, anything can be done.
It is not necessary, what you see is genuine.


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Sokhi does not follow stop loss. That is the biggest problem. He follows mainly fundamental analysis.

If you train your skills and apply on his tips you may make some money.

He trades his account as per his tips which is very unique.

If you struggle with fear and greed i think trading with Sokhi for a dozen trades you will likely to be fearless in trading.

He clearly says that only 10 % of capital to be used for trading. His style envisages at least 12 lakhs capital for trading. That is to say you should have at least 1.2 crore overall capital to try his tips. He never encouraged under capitalisation.
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