Is Anybody Crypto trading Here?


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I trade crypto but I avoid exchanges prefer CFD contracts like Hotforex offers, because there is zero systemic risks, you will always get what you earn while spread and other key trading conditions are roughly the same, maybe slightly worse.
I do. I have a Coinbase account but had some issues with the account so I don't use it much. I prefer trading through LonghornFX for anything having to do with crypto. Much simpler and easier in my opinion.
Same I use CedarFX to trade crypto CFDs. Leverage with MT4 trading which is familiar to me from FX trading. Helps to supplement obtaining actual crypto via exchanges for my investment portfolio.
I use this one too actually. Love the range of assets they offer, there's even US stocks via leveraged CFD.
I'm also on a few exchanges too, but stopped using Binance since they made mandatory KYC.


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I use IQoptions for crypto and CFD, in crypto i trade mainly Bitcoin*100x and etherium*50x due to its volume and good spread

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