Another free unconventional treatment-cure within a week.


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This is really strange. In an earlier post on physiotherapy, I have mentioned that my nephew in Bombaywas coming for treatment from that person in Sona near Delhi.

He could not sit for more than 5-7 minutes at a stretch. He could barely bend properly. The doctor had advised strict bed rest and he was not going to school.

After about 3-4 days of treatment, he started playing cricket and was merrily sitting and reading without a care and within a week he started behaving as if nothing was wrong in the first place.

This guy just applies some water and rubs his hands on the weak spot. This treatment too is free. It is better than the Sona guy since that fellow used to press certain body parts very hard and he is in Delhi.

This person currently meets only on reference and is going to get into full time healing from January'2005 onwards.

Can't resist observing- here too techincials(short-term) are proving as effective if not better than fundamentals(long-term)


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Where technicals are concerned, I am just a beginner. I have read too many books actually following one of my former bosses philiosophy and I am none the worse for it. It is a little premature to talk about profitability and about seeing technicals everywhere- it happens when you read too much without commensurate practical application.
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