an another zero brokerage trader in south india??? does anyone have any views on it FLATTRADE?

hii i found an another broker with zero charges infact i found shnoonya and prostocks almost using software from same developer and then this flattrade is also using attaching u screenshot... for same.. of all the three...please kindly post views on prostocks and flattrade..? if anyone is already using it...
views on software/ mobile app , and problems faced with last but not least backoffice yrly ledger download...its a must.
I have been into trading since a decade now 10yrs+ infact... i always prefer to trade less qty in other brokerage firms...For me as of now for long term holding or investments i prefer Zerodha or Finvasia as finvasia is a clearing member and zerodha is a brand im with in since 2012. looking for another broker account to start a fresh account with....


it all matter matters with service, apart nothing more... shoonya i know well only problem i observed is if any issues with software for some time there support / goes busy impossible to reach but the good thing is they resolve it asap these day they even starting sending notifications stating that problem resolved its good , thats only reason im planning to keep my entire equity profile in Finvasia. moving from zerodha soon...
Prostocks no idea just opened account.
Flattrade infact going to open it..
im planning to have these three acounts for intraday trading mostly Finvasia ( is diff as they are clearing memeber so planning to move my 50% equity from zerodha lets see)
reason to open in this three is merly becoz of psychology, in case if i have a 2 days loosing streak ill stop in one and move with another or trade break in that account just for my personal mind set yes will have funds in all three accounts will slowly go on adding funds . next plan as all three work on same kind of platform when i trade bigger my personal software to place funds will work with all the three...
Just from a quick Google search, I can see they are typically rated 3 - 4 stars. If I were considering this broker, I would look into them on various sites to see what people think. Look at Twitter posts, read reviews on multiple sites, see what kind of info is out there. If it's mostly positive, then they are likely a good broker.

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