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Hi Fundamental577!
Nice to hear from you again after Twitter:)
We do plan to make settings saveable in the future.
At the moment we are working on better support for Indian markets through supporting market data of the exchanges.
We also plan to release an e-book about market data because over the past years we met so many kinds of data and data errors that we think we need to call people's attention for these things.
Best regards:
Szabolcs Kelemen
Better Support for Indian Markets

Since we have a lot of Indian visitors we decided to provide better support for Indian stock market with better market data.
This means that's free technical analysis software can be used now with data downloaded from
If you want to know how to download market data from visit our download guide for how to download market data from's free technical analysis software began to support Indian market through market data of Yahoo! Finance. Having observed market data of Yahoo! Finance and we recognized that's market data is more up to date than the data of Yahoo! Finance.
The delay of data is just a couple of hours.
There is another benefit for downloading market data from According to our researches data of contains less errors than data of Yahoo! Finance.
For more details visit's page about supporting Indian stock markets, the's chart software and our download guide for how to download market data from
NSE Inida has changed the history data file format recently. It was not a major change but's free stock analizer software was not prepared to load these files by default. We have corrected the problem on 2011-12-11.

Hopefully users from India will find a great use of our chart application for a long time
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems related to the chart application. Thanks to a user email we detected the change of file format a lot earlier!

We also updated our help document for downloading market date from
We are happy to announce, that Chartoasis Chili, the successor of the chart application has been released.


Analysis functions

Almost every technical analysis function has been implemented in the new version. It has the same indicators, you can fine-tune the indicator parameters, you can draw channel, wedge or markings on the chart.
You can load up to 5 data series, which can be analysed independently, but on the 6th tab you can also compare the performance of the 5 instruments in various time ranges.
The software supports multiple chart types (area/linecharts and candlesticks).


Regarding data there are multiple improvements:
- the software contains built-in, automatically updated data (for currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold and silver)
- you no longer have to download data as you can use data from the internet directly using a URL (currently only is supported).
- you can still load separate data files
-the program no longer seeks hardcoded data formats when loading, but it tries to interpret the input file. This has 2 impacts: it may load data files that have never met before and if it is unable to interpret data file, it will pop up the importing wizard, which helps you to import it.
loaded data with every setting of the analysis can be saved to and loaded from the browser
-you can also load dividend data

Other features

The software was rewritten in Javascript, which has multiple impacts:

- it runs in most modern browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome)
- Java is no longer needed to be installed

We also prepared it for mobile devices which means, that

- on small screens it automatically switches to a mobile optimized view
- supports mobile gestures like swipe (for moving time window), or pinch (for zooming time window)
- as it only requires a browser, it works both on Android and iPhone (however, on iPhone you may want to use Google Chrome for it)

The default version of the software can still be used free of charge, and no registration is required.

Feel free to start it – it loads sample data in the beginning, so you can try it at once!

Best regards, good luck to use it:
Szabolcs Kelemen /

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