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A friend of my uncle's (Let's call him Mr. B) has traded in Equity and derivatives and now he needs to file ITR but don't know where to get it. Let's say he is a tech noob, literally don't know from where or how he can get it. His auditor is asking for reports but the reports he got are the one sent by his broker/RM which is not enough for the auditor. I even talked to his RM, some of the reports I asked is not available from his end and suggest to try back office which Mr. B doesn't know how. This is been dragging for couple of months.

Auditor is asking for how much he bought/sold in equity delivery (short term only) for every quarter, original purchase date/price for the stocks he bought before this year but sold this year, how much is stcg and ltcg, how much is intraday, and how much are the fees, taxes, charges with breakup. The reports RM sent doesn't have any breakup of these and some of the reports don't even have date. So it's practically impossible to calculate them manually.

RM suggested trade dot angelbroking dot com to get reports. And it doesn't have the reports we're looking for, they pretty much the same reports which RM have already sent. What about backoffice? Doesn't Angel have backoffice login from where we can get reports?

Anyone here trading/traded with Angel and know how to get what I am asking, please let me know.

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