Anatomy of a loss


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My mistakes during the loss trades....

1/ Lazy and taking things for granted. Emotionally exhausted. - too many trades lately but dont realize it. :cool:

2/ Ahh! im already at 11,850. 1 more trade and i can end my day week at Peak 12k. :D

3/ Well, its so obvious! its a H&S/ double / wolfewave etc. Time to buy 4 lots instead of 1. :D

4/ ****! i logged in late today. looks like the move already started and the nearest resistance is too long a wait, let me squeeze in a trade until then. :annoyed:

5/ Whoa! im on a hot streak. its so simple! time for me to quit this shithole and take up trading fulltime :clap:

6/ Looks like i've hit the holy grail. I've figured out my trading method. I can't be wrong. Now, there's no looking back. :cool:

7/ Hmmm....ok let me stay for the long haul. It can't get any lower. Its fear (not greed) trying to take over. Time to average out. :confused:

8/ God, please let it touch 50 for a moment and i swear i'll get out rt away......erm...jus a lil more so i could break even......a lil profit..PLSSSSS!!! :(
Allow me to add one more to the list. This one really got me once and that once was enough.

- Holding a profitable position at middle of the month and thinking that best price will be got at expiry and holding on till expiry.

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