An Novice in need of info

I'm very new to the stock market and hence I need info on the following:

1. How do I find info on brokers in a particular city?

2. I found that there are lot of terms used in these forum, viz., intra-day%, delivery %etc. what do these terms mean?

3. Can someone/traderji explain all the info that would be needed by a novice investor before he makes the call to join the market?

Can someone share this info even though the questions might look very trivial?
If you mention your city, the members of this forum will be able to help you.
I am not from Bangalore but if you are interested in an online trading account check out:,,,,

You can also check the following links:
You should check out Geojit Securities ( They have been pretty aggressive in the market lately.

They offer a free demat account unlike the other players plus they have trading via the internet and a very nominal set-up fee. Icici direct I personally feel is overhyped and they do not give too much value for the Rs.750/- they charge initially.
as you are very new dont do online trading via internet now go for good brokers every body is having a shop in bangalore go for reputed brokers
like share khan, geogit,motilal oswal

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