AmiCOM - near RTD Amibroker feed from yahoo finance [ alpha ]

As the title says, I have written AmiCOM a python utility to automatically import Data from Yahoo finance into Amibroker.
Its an open-source project and is hosted on GitHub.

How does it work
AmiCOM downloads the required data from yahoo finance for the specified script, time frame and available resolution (more on this later) and pushes it onto a temp file, through OLE automation it then imports them into the specified database.
Knowing the location of the database is important and thus AmiCOM makes use of 3 pre-programmed databases (and stored in The 3 pre-programmed dbs include NIFTY50,NIFTY100,NIFTY200 stocks respectively including the major indices.
It is important to note that yahoo finance allows at most 2000 api calls per hour per ip. Thus you need to ensure that you dont cross that limit by managing the number of scripts being refreshed and the refresh rate. eg in the Nifty50 db there are about 60 stocks so 2000 queries per hr/60 scripts = 33.33 database refreshes every hour or about 1 complete query every 2 mins. So if you are using Nifty50 db you are suggested to refresh not more frequently than once every 2 mins, however, you can easily choose higher refresh rate ( like once every 15 mins) without any trouble.

Data availability

Yahoo finance provides selective availability to intraday data
* for one-minute candle only past 7 days of data is available
* for 5 min to 1hr candles only past 60 days of data is available
* 1D data is available for mulitple years
AmiCOM automatically chooses the best candle format for the given back fill time frame.
If you choose to back fill 6 days of tick then they will be filled in 1min candles
If you choose to back fill up-to past 60 days then 5 min candles will be chosen
Anything beyond that only EOD data is fetched.

How to use this?
* Clone this repository into the root of your C drive (VERY IMPORTANT).
* Unzip and within this folder
* install required modules (look at
* Copy amicom.format into the format folder inside Amibroker
* run `python`
* Enjoy!
If you need to add a new symbol use amibroker to make a new one and then in AmiCOM click on Backfill current
All symbols need to be in the Yahoo Finance format for instance RELIANCE.NS (.NS for NSE .BO for BSE) and ^NSEI for NIFTY50 ^NSEBANK for BANKNIFTY

Please note that this project is in active development and must not be used in any serious work, use this at your own discretion.
I am posting here to seek help from the developer community here to make it more user friendly to common users.
I have a lot of To-Dos planed like integrating broker APIs to pull data and to use instead of yahoo finance. Realtime tick update is still a work in progress and isn't implemented yet.

Collaborators are welcome to post issues and opinions here. This is one of my first opensource projects so please bear with my coding style


Didnt understand
* install required modules (look at
Please make the video and links to the required software.

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