1. V

    need 1 minute ieod data

    Hello friends I need 1 minute ieod data for amibroker.Free or low cost is preferred. Any suggestions ?
  2. I

    AmiCOM - near RTD Amibroker feed from yahoo finance [ alpha ]

    As the title says, I have written AmiCOM a python utility to automatically import Data from Yahoo finance into Amibroker. Its an open-source project and is hosted on GitHub. How does it work AmiCOM downloads the required data from yahoo finance for the...
  3. P

    After market adjusted close, OI on datafeed

    How does it'll help the traders to make use of adjusted close, oi (after market) on their charting (form of tick and mins candle). Will this information helpful for the traders? How can we interpret it. Thanks.
  4. N

    GDFL global datafeed, extra licence

    hi, anybody can share the extra licence from GDFL. so i can safe the date till today in my Amibroker.
  5. kingsmasher1

    Help!! Amibroker not loading global data feeds.

    Hi, I have installed the trial version of Amibroker 64 bit version 6.00.2 and installed the NimbleDataPro (globaldatafeeds plugin). The issue is, when i create a database in Amibroker, and select the datasource, i don't see NimbleData plugin listed there, which simply mean Amibroker is not...
  6. S

    Real time data feed for Ninjatrader

    Hi Seniors, I'm newbie to day trading but have little bit of knowledge of investing. For last one month , I had extensive study over day trading using internet and different forum. I am a bit comfortable with ninjatrader after using it for 10 day with historical day data provided by yahoo and...
  7. G

    JSON feed for intraday

    Where can i get JSON data for intraday - specifically I am looking for Market Open price,Days High,Days low and current market price. I am able to get the current market price but have not found json link for Open price,Days High,Days low Please respond if you know the links
  8. C

    New Android App for MCX prices

    A friend has created a nice android app to keep track of commodity prices on MCX. I love the spread tracking feature. Check it out. Commodity Pulse Download Copied and pasted from google play:
  9. S

    Free RT Datafeed Software (Yahoo,Odin,PIB etc) Demand & Development Cost

    Hello All I have been scouring the forums for RT datafeed and it seems that the best way to get it free of cost would be to get Data from Trading Clients like Odin, PIB etc. or from Yahoo (Google too?) feeds. I find that to get these one has to buy some software or other which would get...