AFL Popup script help


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sorry bro same problem, ran that code , problems is that only grey box with title appearing . Not able to fetch the Stocks name
u have to use name() function

try this at last line

PopupWindowEx( "ID:1", "Get Ready to BUY \n"+Name() + " "+ Interval(2)+" : "+ " Last ="+Close , "Buy Alert -", 1000, 100, 1 ) ;


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ok so now i am able to fetch the name of the stock but why the popups are popping like popcorn , i mean how can i place it permanently on top left corner.

Thank you
yesterday st sir also said that TJ is very popular.
BTW, u missed the world war yesterday, i think..:D
I read that in evening.:D

BTW can u code complex things in afl. ?
u know many things..

I am a coder by profession. I can code in many languages. complex things can be coded in any language only one should clear in the logic.
Just need to check the syntax on google.

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