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@alphatrader - Tata consumer broken its daily trend line that I mentioned above and rallied till 484 today. It was a good trade, but I still had the above question.. where exactly was it DZ ? Your answer would really educate me.

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That novice gap becomes important since it passed through the previous High! Such gaps act as good DZ.
Hi Alpha T Sir
How are you?
3 days back, I just checked this thread accidently.I glued to have provided a very nice stuff.After a long time, I have seen some serious Price action stuff here.Thanks a lot to you for sharing your knowledge & expereince here.
I have read this thread, & then my interest increase in this concept being a price action Trader.Then, I have checked Your channel.As soon as I reached at your channel& watched building blocks series.its mind blowing concept& the way you teach it is incredible.After market hour, I continuously watching & learning from it & making notes.Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge there .
I am a price action trader, & this zones are giving me new perspective about Price action & trying to get idea how would I imbibe this in my method.
Thanks a lot

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