demand supply

  1. S

    How is demand curve line be defined in the given market price graph?

    On the supply line at price = 2000 , quantity = 5 it is defined→ if the price =2000 per share ,5 share will be supplied. similarly on the demand line at price = 5000 ,quantity= 5 →how is it defined??
  2. AlphaT

    Advance Price Action Trading with Demand Supply & More

    Nifty Daily Chart with important zones marked. Currently it's travelling up to the FTR Supply zone, where it will likely face the first downwards pressure. Longs at qualified Lower Time Frames (LTF) till then. Short at FTR SZ only on confirmation in LTFs!
  3. N

    Hello dear trader friends

    Hi, My name is Nilesh Bohra. I have been trading for past one year. I am full time trader. I am a demand supply trader and generally prefer swing trading. I am happy to be part of this talented community. Thanks, Nilesh Bohra.
  4. V

    Vzlue Zone's Trading Journal

    Hi, My aim is to journal my trades and validate the strategy I am using. Basically it is based on levels where I expect the demand supply equilibrium may change in favor of one side, ie demand exceeds supply or vice versa. Every new week I post levels for the week and expected bias. It is a...