price action trading

  1. AlphaT

    Advance Price Action Trading with Demand Supply & More

    Nifty Daily Chart with important zones marked. Currently it's travelling up to the FTR Supply zone, where it will likely face the first downwards pressure. Longs at qualified Lower Time Frames (LTF) till then. Short at FTR SZ only on confirmation in LTFs!
  2. P

    PriceisGod's Trading Diary

    Hey friends.. am new to this is my first thread..this is a good way to keep a track of my own trades and be disciplined.. About my trades: 1. I am a price action trader and therefore price is certainly god to me. 2. I trade mostly positionally 3. Futures is the only mode...
  3. P

    Price Action perspective using VWAP+SD and TF AMAs

    The idea of this thread is to discuss the Price Action perspective looking mainly at TF AMAs (Adaptive Moving Averages) and VWAP+SD (volume weighted average price and their Standard Deviation) this will give what the bias is in the market like strong bull, mild bull, bull bias, neutral, bear...