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Discount brokerage has become quite competitive. Zerodha is well established in that segment .Any other firm wish to compete them should come out aggressively If you are defensive you may not compete with zerodha..See jio effects on other telecom players.
i have opened my account through their online account opening module. Will update this forum on the quality of their support and stability of their platform as time goes by.

Here is the tariff sheet as displayed during account process.

In the tariff sheet it is clearly mentioned that the amount Rs650 is non-refundable. can someone from 5paisa clarify about refundability of the account opening charges. Thanks


They charge Rs100 for call and trade.Where as zerodha is charging Rs 20.And they do not allow trailing stop loss?? Very risk.y for intraday traders
Hi Bijoy,
We would like to inform you that we have no charges if you connect to our customer support for any queries. The charges mentioned by you is levied if you connect to our trading department for placing offline orders. If you place the order online you have to pay Rs.10 per trade transacted.
Hey Rahul,
Yes, we are listed on the stock exchanges (NSE & BSE). We are also the first discount brokerage house in India to get listed.

That's good. Maybe you guys are backed by a traditional broker you got a simple nod from the SEBI to get listed. Because I believe that there are a few giants in the discount broking segment like Zerodha for instance, but still are not able to get listed on the exchange. Said out of curiosity.

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