315 Trades - based on SH 315 System


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HI FT....good initiative to start this thread. Congrats. I am a new member and this is my first post.
Charts suggests short in Rcom as 3 EMA came below 15 EMA. Entered short at 97 (futures). This is my first trade so lets see.
Hi Sablok,

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This is snapshot of RCOM (F) at 11.50 today for daily time frame. As there is currently no crossover visible, it is not advisable to initiate the shorts until confirmed by crossover. Also the positions need to be taken towards end of the session so in case there is a bearish crossover we can initiate shorts at levels at 3.20-3.25


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stop loss is 4890... i hope im correct... as per you ??
I do not trade the daily TF on crude oil and on lower tf i would not enter in a long trade at 4930 when the price is retracing.

Stick to a system, some times the trades may fail, no way to know that in advance, but overall will be profitable in the long run, so stick to a system even if it gives few false trades over a long period it will be profitable.

Always buy / sell based on a fixed method / system, changing time frame / or system in between the trade does not work out



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Great initiative Fanatic Trader !


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Date : 10th Feb 2012

Instrument : Crude (F)

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3 EMA is higher than 15 EMA. I am looking into to enter into trade today at 4942 level (I missed getting into trade last evening).
Update on Crude

I was almost stumped towards end of Friday as I did not anticipate this :( Crude closed lower than Thursday's level but in the process the EMA crossover was negated.

Crude EOD chart on Friday, 10th Feb 2012

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I had to close the trade at 4908 with loss of 34 points :down:

On 11th Feb 2012, there was again a positive crossover and I have initiated longs again at 4925

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