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Hi ,

Some how Iam able to manage close to a lakh per month and sometimes around 60-80 k per month over a capital of 3.2 lacs .This is happening for last 5-6 months and earlier I used to trade with 1.3 lakh capital . I trade only stock futures and nothing else . My trading is positional may even hold for 3-20 days . I may make 1-2 trad a month . I keep waiting for the right entry and may even wait for days stalking the stock . Iam now feeling now comfortable with this capital and plan to go around 6-7 lacs capital . I even hold my stock when I'm down by 50 K but it really takes stomach to hold at that point in which Iam slowly building comfort in handling . As my entry strategy is very strong Iam always 80% confit dent it should reverse and mostly it does . Unless u are ready to loose that 50 k u cannot make higher returns . Because the next day it goes + 80 K ....The market is so structures it wants to have more losers and we just need to ensure we are not in that list .
I am tracking most of you anonymously and found out that most of you are doing some part time job.:cool::thumb:
Also,there are many traders like me who are in a loosing-making-loosing phase.:annoyed::mad::(

So,my query is-How many of you are making atleast around 1L per month on average from full time trading only?

Knowing answer won’t help me recovering my losses.But you know why such queries come out.

I don’t need any proof, contract note or your strategy.
Just an honest, “Yes,I do..” is more than enough.
Hi Aia
It is nice to learn-read from other "continent" way of trading and ideas-strategy etc...
it is a bit difficult for me to participate(answer) but will try all the same...
you wanted a quick answer "yes I do"

before I explain a bitter better I had to learn what 1L stand for (1L = 100.000 Rupee equivalent of Euro 1372.00 or $1460.00 took the value on forex) I even saw 1K :confused:

anyway to cut it short like many newbie I lost (lucky mainly was old profit .. not to bore you too much I will explain other time)
so worked hard on virtual trading until I found what I would be better off trading and my strategy according to my psychology mind it was scalping
therefore with time and years I improved etc... etc... etc.. and USA market was/is the best volatile market to scalp

yes today I make well over your target but most likely I got more capital but by scalping my capital "work" (in USA there are rules one is that if one want to do many day trade has to have over $25000 therefore I am not saying how much I got but with my strategy I need to be above that ....

let me put it this way: if I buy 1k of XYZ @$1 = $1000 (1K = 1 thousand shares) and it move 10 ticks/cents) I make $100 (then less commissions of course) but if I buy 5K =$5000 and it move 5 ticks (IMO not difficult to get that) I make $250 so to do your 1L per month isn't too difficult .. so if you put 10K and get 10 ticks well I let other to count :))
that is JMHO but of course it is a base then can be worked in real but with experience ins't impossible

hope I haven't confused you too much but just show another way of trading

my advice is wear the suit made for you (strategy) rather then someone else suit it coul dbe too small or too large.... meditate my friend meditate:) :thumb:
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@ aja...
Yes I do... For both Nifty/BankNifty & Crude... separately.. only intraday...mis or weekly options..

IMO..It is not so difficult when u r consistent profit maker over 3+ yrs with whatever capital u started with... with proper risk management...
Traders should select their trading lot size according to their trading equity! In addition, obviously 1 lot is a very started trading lot size and I seem; traders need have minimum 10,000$ trading equity for using this type of trading lot! Using aggressive trading lot size is always costly, and you might not get enough space to recover your losing trades, if you use aggressive trading lots!
not yet into that 1L group.
But From Mar 2016,I'm making 40-60k per month(52k on average) consistently trading Stock Fut.

I traded(scalped actually :) ) Tatasteel,Tatamotors,Bhartiairtel,Relinfra,DLF,Rcom,Union Bank,SBIN,VEDL so far with 2-3 lots
Recently trading NF and BNF both.

I have total 6yrs trading experience.First 4 years were very bad,frustrating.
There are many strategies in this forum,you can recover your losses,but it will take some time.Please dont keep a time limit,else you will lose remaining 50k also.

Rest is your Wish.Best Luck.
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