who is the best discounted brokers

Hello Subramanyam,

Going by my experience, you will have to first open an account with the a brokerage firm on their standard brokerage rates. Later, when your activity in the stock market increases, increasing your daily turnover, you can bargain for better brokerage rates. Therefore, go ahead and find yourself a broker keeping in mind the parameters suggested above and then bargain for better brokerage rates after a month or a quarter down the line.


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according to brp excell sheet too Finvasia seems to be ONLY
TRUE Zero brokerage house
and i do have account there and it;s truely zero brokerage ......:)

i am comfortable with them as long as my fund is below 15 laths ..

Never keep more then 15 lakhs in cash with any discount broker .......
Delivery are safe as long as u kept it with cdsl and nsdl but most of us are gamblers and play in F& o including me lol

Fyers trading terminal looks nice and mobile app too may be in my free time iw il open account with them just to test the experience
of what they offering .finvasia mobile app sucks big time ..

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