Need ScriptCode for Expert Advisor in Zerodha Pi


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Hi friends,

I am using the latest beta version Zerodha PI software to backtest the strategies. I found it interesting, checked with some strategies but didnt get desired results in backtest. I unfortunately have less knowledge of coding, so if possible can anyone code some strategies for me so that I can backtest them with little or no editing and upload the results. I believe everyone here can reap the benefits from that.

First strategy I would like to have coded is Karthik's Intraday using EMI and CCI :

If you have any other strategies, please feel free to comment them. I am trying to learn the coding for PI scriptexpert so that I can write the code myself, so until then, I request the senior members and friends over here to help me with this.

Looking forward for active participation.

Happy Trading, Cheers


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Dear Nikki
Can you help me to get Zerodha PI software?
Hey Somnath,

Just go on to Zerodha Blog and fill in the form with your account details, it will be updated by the next day in "Q" portal I think. I got it the same way, its open for all Zerodha clients I think. You will also get a license key, to be entered after installing the software. I don't have the exact link now, just Google it.

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