1. S

    I have 362 qty of TTML, can I hold it or sell.

    I have 362 qty of TTML, can I hold it or sell.
  2. M

    Short Put Option

    Hi, I short a naked put option. If this option is assigned, will I be forced to buy the stocks at open market price?
  3. S

    Need suggestion on Sintex Industries

    Holding Sintex Induestries 220 [email protected]. What should I do? I can hold it for 3-4 months max.
  4. P

    How to identify a stock for short selling ?

    If you can share please tell your tips and tricks for identifying a stock for shorting. Please list here. When markets are bearish, this list can be a useful guide.
  5. V

    How to identify buy and sell signal

    Hi All, I am new here, kindly help me to understand that how can we judge for fake buy and sell signal in Amibroker.
  6. M

    How to Sell 6 year old stocks in Reliance Money?

    This might probably the simplest question anyone has ever asked but Reliance Money is giving me hard time selling my 6 year old stocks! Note that I have not used Reliance money since 2008 recession. Here's what I need: I have around 100 stocks for a specific company that never went back to...
  7. devinchopra

    Solve my predicament

    I am new to the share market, I am having trouble understanding placing orders - particularly Stoploss Limit and Limit. I have an account with Zerodha and their service is nice, but still I am unable to wrap my head around a question. I would like to consider myself as a Swing Trader and I...
  8. K

    Best 5 stocks

    Hi Experts, Any AFL , to explore below, at any given timeframe: 1) Best 5 stocks to short 2) Best 5 stocks to buy Thanks.
  9. A

    Icici Direct Sell

    hi all, I am a newbie here and have a very important question regarding selling of shares in I have brought shares of a company at different rates. Now If i wish to sell off only the high priced shares is there a way for it in icicidirect as they average the rate after...
  10. akpurandare


    i can not say i am new to the shares purchase and sells,But it is equally true that i was doing that some 15 years back that to through some agent with minimum knowledge.Now wish to take advantage of on Line share trading and gain knowledge and advises from this beautiful community .I am sure i...
  11. G

    PTST ODIN Order

    Dear Sir/Madam, Can someone please explain me how to place buy, stop loss and sell orders in ODIN. I don't want to separate the buy step from sell. I want to execute an order of buy, stop loss and sell orders according to pivot points. Thanks in advance for any one who throw some light...
  12. G

    selling suspended stocks

    I have some shares of a company which is suspended 4 years back. How can I sell the shares or what can be done?
  13. J

    Websites brokers help plz

    i wan to ask that i want to sell my populer blogs and any person tell me that can i sell ????///and its posiible? because visiters are avilable every time on my blogs,and tell me and help plz...........
  14. H

    ICICIDIRECT: Demat allocation issue, shows insufficient funds?

    I had bought following shares through ICICIDIRECT 21-Apr-08 DLFLIM 17-Apr-08 KPISYS 1-Apr-08 RELCOM Problem is I cant see them in 'Demat Allocation' but are visible in 'Portfolio'. If I try to sell them through 'Sell' link in Portfolio section, it says 'Insufficient Funds'. Please advice...
  15. F

    NIIT Tech

    Dear All, After weeks of laziness NIIT Tech has shown some movement and counter is fluctuating between 188 - 195. I am holding this stock from past 6 months with buying price of 188. As the results are going to be announced on 5th May shall i sell the counter before results between 188 -...
  16. V

    Can i sell after Dividend is announced?

    Hi, I wanted to quickly can i sell my shares or how long do i have to hold the shares, after a dividend has been announced. Thanks in Advance.
  17. V

    buy sell sigals in F chart

    can we get buy sell signals in F chart
  18. SavantGarde

    Stock FUTURES To Keep A Close Eye On

    'JAI BABA' Stock Futures (Positional) For 17th Aug 2009 NEW BUY / SELL TRIGGERS & FOLLOW-UP ______________________________________ NAME CMP SIGNAL S/L _______________________________________ AXISBANK 870.10 BUY 855.40 ICICIBANK 744.85 BUY 740.70 IDFC 137.60 BUY...
  19. SavantGarde

    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On - Chapter II

    Link To Quadra Pivot AFL Written by ARV Quadra Pivot AFL Written by ARV Trading Organizer-IV Trading Organizer IV UPDATES: Anant's AFLs Anant's New SingleMA AFL
  20. M

    Queries on "rights issue"

    I came to know that Religare is coming up with a rights issue shortly to raise money of Rs 1850 crores. As I own few Religare shares, I have few question on how to participate in it. 1. How to apply? Is it through portals like ICICIDirect or the company would send paper application? 2...