How to Sell 6 year old stocks in Reliance Money?

This might probably the simplest question anyone has ever asked but Reliance Money is giving me hard time selling my 6 year old stocks! Note that I have not used Reliance money since 2008 recession.

Here's what I need: I have around 100 stocks for a specific company that never went back to 2008 price even though Sensex is at all-time high! All I want to do is sell these stocks and transfer money to my bank account. I don't want to deal with anything fancy like Margin, Future/Options or CNC.

1. I went to Equity - DP Holdings and found my stocks lying there. I did notice an action column there that lets you "sell" your stocks. I was utterly confused to see something called a "Haircut" value that was 70% lower than the stock market value. Will I be only getting 30% of the market value if I sell this stock?
2. When I tried "sell" action, the place order tab opened with the product being default as "CNC" and it cannot be changed. Is that the option I am supposed to use? I thought this would be a "normal" sell order.
3. I placed a sell order using "CNC" after markets closed. Rejected! Rejection Reason: Adapter is down!
4. Then I placed a sell order using "Normal" and waited for the markets to open. 24 hours later, I went in to check the status. Guess what? Rejected! This time, the Rejection Reason is not even displayed fully. It reads "RMS:Blocked for..." That's all. Not even a proper rejection reason.

What am I missing? Why can't I just get rid of this stupid stock that I held for 6 years and is still down by 70% of the purchase price? :confused:

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