Icici Direct Sell

hi all,

I am a newbie here and have a very important question regarding selling of shares in icicidirect.com.

I have brought shares of a company at different rates. Now If i wish to sell off only the high priced shares is there a way for it in icicidirect as they average the rate after each purchase.

Say for example .

I have tcs share from price range 1600 to 2100 which averaged to something close to 1900 rupees now. Is it possible for me to sell the share i bought for 2100 alone? Please advice as I am holding them for loong now.

The reason being i am not willing to sell all my holdings at the moment?


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all your shares are placed in your demat account together. As u mentioned you have all ready avearaged it what is the point in selling seperate?
You assume your tcs share avarage price is -------. That all. Icici you cant sell as you mentioned.


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