Only NG..... Scalper Trading


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Calls only On NG.

Short targets and small SL.

Target 1 to 2 points.

SL: 2 points.

Just i will Give details about Long or Short price. U Have to Book ur self.

if any calls fail Double ur qty in next call.

ex: if u trade with 2 lots. if call fail in next call 4 lots. if this call also fail 8 lots in next call. Max 3 attempts. If 3 failes. Stop trading. but this wil not happen.

All trades based on Technicals. I didnt follow fundamentals. Im not responsible for any profit or loss.
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Anyone cannot watch the scalping calls and we cannot refresh this page every minutes. So, sharing Your scalping strategy will be useful to all


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scalping not work all days in commodities. you may fails many time. scalping is best in options trading with fixed brokerage. read babypips forum there are many traders who do scalping everyday in forex. study them

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