1. S

    Analysts take on key Q2 earnings last week

    DLF Aashiesh Agarwaal, Edelweiss Securities: DLF reported Q2FY14 in-line revenues at Rs 19.5 billion and EBITDA of Rs 6 billion ths lower than estimates due to completion of older projects. We believe most risks are priced in and the stock is trading at an attractive 39% discount to NAV/TP of...
  2. O

    Professional Trader seeking Alternatives

    Hi, I need some advice from fellow members regarding brokerage and convenience. I am a trader by profession and my turnover ranges from Rs 4-6 Cr a month per a/c. I am not a pukka technical trader and hence dont rely upon charts a whole lot. Right now I trade through numerous brokers...
  3. U

    Minimum Fix Brokarage For Religare

    do religare charge any fix minimal brokerage like angel broking charge of RS30? If someone do small turnover then is they are going to charge any amount to earn their brokerage?
  4. D

    Balance amount in R-Ace account

    Hi Guys, I am new to trading. Recently I opened an online trading account with religare. I have opted for the browser based R-Ace platform. I had been using the R-Ally for the last 2 months and switched to R-Ace platform 2 days before only. In the online platform, I couldn't find the amount...
  5. O

    margin & delv, religare odin diet help?

    Dear forum members, I am new to trading.I started using ODIN DIET (provided by Religare). I placed buy orders with order type "Margin" without knowing the difference between margin and delivery. I searched this forum and I vaguely understood that margin is for intraday trading and...
  6. G

    can we place two selling orders at a time in Religare?

    i bought a share for 6.10. want to sell it for 6.40. stop loss should be 6.00. how to set this. pls help.
  7. A

    Max Leverage & holding period for Delivery transactions

    I heard that Religare offers 4 times leverage and a holding period for 5 days for delivery transactions. Does anyone have knowledge of a better offer ? Thanks!
  8. manojsahu175

    Religare: Unable to get technical indicators on RACE charts

    Hi, I recently opened a demat cum trading account @ Religare Race Pro. It has live streaming quotes and Intraday n EOD charting facility. But if I click on any Intraday Chart for any technical indicator like MACD, ADX, +DI/-DI, etc. it won't display any indicator chart except the "Volume"...
  9. M

    Queries on "rights issue"

    I came to know that Religare is coming up with a rights issue shortly to raise money of Rs 1850 crores. As I own few Religare shares, I have few question on how to participate in it. 1. How to apply? Is it through portals like ICICIDirect or the company would send paper application? 2...
  10. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh
  11. M

    Religare RACE info

    Hi I have open the account in religare I know how to buy and sell the shares in RACE but I want detail information on Trade Position, Net Log, Obligation, Order Book, Asset Report, Span details I don't know what are these details. I also want information on Backoffice and how to use it.