Aviva i-helth For Critical illness

Dear Friend... recently aviva india life insurance lunch i-helth online Critical illness plan... is is good or not? i should buy or not? if yes then why and if not then why? my age 30 year
Do you mean Aviva Health Secure Online Plan?


I just came across this thread and was confused to know if the policy is known as i-health or health secure.
As per my understanding the policy offered by Aviva on critical illness is called 'Aviva Health Secure' which is an online policy with nominal cost.
This policy offers protection against 12 major critical illnesses by providing a lump sum amount equal to Sum Assured.

It is offered for individuals between 18-55 years which means you can buy the product for yourself. I have recently taken this policy for my father.

You can visit the website for details: http://avivaindia.com/Individual/Health/Aviva Health Secure.aspx
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