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  1. S

    How to feed RT data from Odin Diet to MT4?

    Hi Friends, I want to use the RT Odin Diet feed and feed it to MT4. Any help is appreciated. Thanks & Regards
  2. P

    ODIN Diet - Algo trading and Coding

    I mainly use Angel Broking - ODIN platform for my trading. The problem is I couldn't find any info about odin coding for algo trades. There is a provision in odin diet platoform to write conditions for buy sell but I don't know how to use it. I called my local dealer but no use. I searched a lot...
  3. P

    Lifo fifo in odin

    Hello friends, I wish to know if it is possible to use LIFO [Last in First Out] method in place of FIFO [Fist in First Out] which is default in ODIN. If I wish sell last lot of certain scrip instead of the default first lot [in line] Can I do that in Odin. I have enquired with brokers but...
  4. B

    Does SL order overwrite RL order?

    Just want know is it the case with everyone using ODIN Diet that SL order overwrites the RL order? To elaborate, 1. I place a sell order by selecting RL and providing the target value in the 'Price' field. 2. In order to place stop-loss, I hit F3 and modify the sell order by selecting SL...
  5. L

    Need Help With ODIN CHARTS

    Dear all, I have been Using ODIN DIET for a long time and Seeing Continuous Charts. I have also been Using amibroker for along time. The help i need from You is that Can any one Convert Particular AMIBROKER AFL file in to ODIN DIET CHART Template ( extension:- .ind) format. Do replay me as...
  6. D

    List of MCX and NCDEX broker

    1) Is there any broker who is regulated from MCX and NCDEX and provide mt4 platform? 2) Is odin diet trading platform similar to mt4? can i trade in grid style on odin(as i have never use it before) :(
  7. I

    odin 2 ami

    frinds anyone tell me how to use odin data to Amibroker or metastock.? plz reply
  8. M

    ODIN Software

    Hi Friends, Joint this forum recently.. have been following it for a long time though and have always been of great help.. :clap: Want to know more about ODIN Diet. i have heard that it tends to hang time and again. is it true? how good or bad it is as compared to tradetiger?
  9. yusi

    O2A - Odin to ASCII

    This utility captures market watch data from Odin Diet clients for output to ASCII datafiles. Download link (when authentication is requested, enter username as O2Atr and password as traderji; case needs to be correct)
  10. M

    Odin Feeder Lite Real time data problem

    Odin Feeder developed by Mr J Deep of Volume Digger is a great utility indeed. I tried making Connection between OdinDiet terminal and Ninja Trader 7 thru Odin Feeder. It worked so smartly. I was able to see real time chart of all the stocks in market watch of my Odin. But I am facing two big...
  11. O

    margin & delv, religare odin diet help?

    Dear forum members, I am new to trading.I started using ODIN DIET (provided by Religare). I placed buy orders with order type "Margin" without knowing the difference between margin and delivery. I searched this forum and I vaguely understood that margin is for intraday trading and...