Does SL order overwrite RL order?

Just want know is it the case with everyone using ODIN Diet that SL order overwrites the RL order?

To elaborate,

1. I place a sell order by selecting RL and providing the target value in the 'Price' field.
2. In order to place stop-loss, I hit F3 and modify the sell order by selecting SL and providing stop-loss in the 'Price' field again. And of course, I provide Trigger Price.

In this case, the target value gets over written by stop-loss (because the 'Price' field is modified) and my new order doesn't show the target value.

First of all, are these the right steps to place stop-loss order? If yes, will both target value and stop-loss are considered, while selling?

Note: I tried placing a fresh SL sell order after placing RL sell order first for the same stock but admin rejected my request.

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