1. I

    Which is best platform to trade in Bonds (stock Market).

    Hello folks, Recently i know about Bonds Market in India. Can anyone tell me who is best as well top platform to trade Bonds in Indian Market.
  2. T

    Here are the Risk involved in Trading Derivatives

    Derivatives are investment instruments that consist of a contract between parties whose value derives from and depends on the value of an underlying financial asset. However, like any investment instrument, there are varying levels of risk associated with derivatives. This post will cover...
  3. K

    RECOMMENDED Forex Brokers in 2018

    Hey guys, I searched on this forum and could not find any recent thread for recomended forex brokers, please share wghich brokers you use personally and the easy and advantages of that broker as well, if possible. Any answers to this thread would be vastly appreciated! Thanks, Kartikeya.
  4. V

    Gujrat Election Poll

    Gujrat - polling is over Result will come by next week. Exit polls are out. Now? What you think?
  5. L


    Hi Namaste, Hello to all the members of traderji. I am new to trading and stock markets. But I find this platform to be great and full of knowledge. I am confident I will gain good knowledge here. Looking forward for a wonderful journey of trading. Lalit
  6. S

    Which section of a financial market a beginner should start trading?

    There are several section of financial markets are there such as :- Equity:- delivery, intraday, F&O Commodities Currencies u can add more if i missed something So in which section of financial market a beginner should start trading
  7. Nehal_s143

    Forecasting Market Reversal

    Hi I came across a book A Unique Approach To Forecasting Market Reversal Points by Ivan Sargent on http:// www . amazon . com / Unique-Approach-Forecasting-Market-Reversal-ebook/dp/B007QODPVO/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top review looks very much interesting, any body has read this book ? Cost is...
  8. B

    Unable to trade with nokia

    Hello, I am having account with indiainfoline. I cannot trade with nokia n 72.I cannot access "market watch" which tells loading but never loads .Please help me
  9. Ivan Urupa

    "Forex Levels" - Trading recommendations, daily forecast on EURUSD and GBPUSD

    Hi all! In this topic, every day, before the opening of the European session I'll publish trading recommendations on two major currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. Analysis and forecasting of currency market is on the system "Forex Levels" which are based on a pair of moving averages, support...
  10. S

    Latest Textile Market Watch Reports

    Find Latest Textile Market Watch & Price Trends Report, Current Textile Prices, Latest Textile Price Watch & Market Prices Comparison, Current Textile Market trends, Crude Oil, Naphtha, Polyester Staple Fibre & Filament Yarn Market Trend Report, Acrylic Staple Fibre Price Trend, Nylon Filament...
  11. S

    Dear Forum Members

    Hello Dear Forum Members; Greetings for the day!! I have Join this Forum for Special Purpose to Share Online Textile Industry Market Watch Report, Textile Price Trends, Polyester Value Chain Marketwatch Report, Acrylic Value Chain Market Watch Report, Crude Oil Price Watch Report, Price...
  12. arun_mathaiyan

    IPO Grey Market - How it works?

    Could someone explain how is the below scenario exists in real time? I read some comments saying the grey market price of an IPO share. Selling & Buying the IPO application in grey market? And how does this transaction takes place? Thanks in Advance for your time. Thanks amat
  13. S

    Stock Market Analysis Using Astrology

    Has anyone explored the possibility of stock market analysis using astrology as a tool for generating monthly income either in form of graphs based on astrology. Guidance and help of seniors will be appreciated.............
  14. P

    PAISAEQ - Nifty Analysis

    Dear Friends, My name is Sandy, my analysis usually is biased towards technical analysis. I believe it works the best for me. In this thread I will utilize few technical tools in my arsenal to see its effectiveness in analyzing the Indian stock market. My primary focus will be NIFTY...
  15. anirudh.patel

    Hello!!! Traders and Investors

    Hi!! I am Anirudh Patel from Indore. I have been in the Stock Market for last 2 years. I can across this forum from Google search and fould like to share my experience here.
  16. P

    respected friends

    it is an honour to be here with you all---MAY BE IT IS GOD WILL----i am a retired govt college principal---presently a learner in stock market--i want to know about options and futures in particular--i am sure you may guide me well ji
  17. sdalal

    Dow-The coming days effect.

    Dow Last close is 10002.It have broken is 9975 support in intraday,good thing was it closes above that level. Daily chart suggest that here from now it can touch 10220,which is the immediate resistance.But on chart it is trading below the medium term upper trend.which means it is negative...
  18. V

    Advise on Small cap IT Stocks

    Hi All, With IT picking up steam,it seems the old days are on their way back again.:thumb: But most of the IT stocks are already expensive. I would be grateful if you experts could suggest some good stocks in the IT field which have high potential and low price. I have come across two stocks...
  19. S

    Too late to invest in stocks? Not really.

    Five years from now, stocks will likely appear cheap now.
  20. G

    where the markets are heading...

    hi everyone..this is my 1st official post... I have been tracking the market for 9 mnths(newbie)...i have seen the bear rampage in our market...but my doubt is that have we started with a new bull market?? Am thinking/hoping for a correction soon....have we seen such a surge in such a...