Which section of a financial market a beginner should start trading?

There are several section of financial markets are there such as :-

Equity:- delivery, intraday, F&O



u can add more if i missed something

So in which section of financial market a beginner should start trading


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Daily or Weekly wold be preferred
This is pertaining to equities since I dont trade others
For daily returns you can do intraday. You can do intraday securities , options and futures.
Very low margins required and you get good leverage. You can trade more than the money you have.

It isnt as easy. Everyone wants to make money without putting a lot of money

For weekly again you can buy and hold for one week equities , options and futures.

You get a little more time to judge.

You need to put entire margin money for derivatives. for equities entire money.

As a beginer I would advise you to paper trade for some days till you understand. If you want to try few orders than you can put 0.75-1% of your for trials for one month and put rest 99% in fixed deposit. In that case even if it is wiped out by month end FD gives you back 0.75%.


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Almost everyone i have seen that seniors recommend to start from cash market, that means equities. Derivatives like futures and options are behaving based on the underlying (equities) movement. So to understand futures and options, you need to understand equities price movements first. So start from there.

You may try intraday equities from which you can teach yourself market randomness, supports and resistance areas, trends in short/medium/long timeframes. This is the way to start learning.

Good wishes!


I can work as trade executor. Anyone in need?
So that means i only require a trading account and not a demat account?
Even for intraday equities, you are required to have demat account as of now. Before 1 and half years, my broker (zerodha) was offering intraday equities in trading acct , was no need for demat, but currently that is not possible. You need trading and demat account both.
So that means i only require a trading account and not a demat account?

you need to open both trading and dwmat account. And Intialy I tell go with equities, dont touch derivatives and commodities, these leveraged segments u need proper understanding of market before u go for dem. Intialy select few gud names and start tracking dem and wen u find dem cheap invest 30 % of ur capital and rest on dips but remmber one thing buy only quality names as they come back.

Hope it will help you.

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