Which is best platform to trade in Bonds (stock Market).

Bonds is really great investment for Fixed Income. It best suit pensioners as well new adults in India. Basically Corporations or banks who need to raise money to conduct operations in different verticals, either raise money from banks, financial institutions or involve public and issue bonds in return for periodic interests and promise to pay back the principal amount after a specific period of time called Bonds.


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A difficult question in fact, because for everyone their own. And for someone, the conditions may be inconvenient, but for someone, the same trading conditions will be excellent. In general, this question is very individual and I can only share my experience. I can say that for me, for example, street beat is a great option for trading and investing. The company help save time by trading on autopilot with strategies based on your risk tolerance/profile and could compare our performance for the whole period with S&P if we mention and show exactly and the same timeframe for both.